The best hot chocolate … ever?

There are a lots of reasons to visit Crail Food Festival, but chocolate should be high up on your list!

I recently visited Sophie Latinis, Belgian-born chocolatier and owner of the Pittenweem Chocolate Company, at her Cocoa Tree Café in the beautiful Pittenweem and discovered a whole new world of chocolate….

Chocolate bars and powders at Pittenweem Chocolate

The Pittenweem Chocolate Company sells luxurious, artisan chocolates from Scotland, Belgium and around the world – including chocolates and hot chocolates handmade by Sophie in Pittenweem.

It was a pretty chilly day when my husband and I visited, so it was interesting to hear that even in our Scottish climate the shop has to be cooled to keep the chocolates at their best for us chocolate lovers!

Pittenweem Chocolate Company

The handmade hot chocolates sounded delicious, so we made ourselves comfy in the café and ordered a vanilla white hot chocolate, a hazelnut praline milk hot chocolate and an intense “Caliente” chilli chocolate espresso-sized drink to share.

Vanilla White Hot Chocolate

Wow, I have never tasted hot chocolate like it!

For me, the highlight was the vanilla white hot chocolate. The white chocolate and vanilla combined with the frothy milk was luxurious – so much flavour and much smoother than any other hot chocolate I’ve tasted, without being overpoweringly sweet. It was quite simply the best hot chocolate I’ve EVER tasted!

The hazelnut praline milk hot chocolate was clearly a winner too, as my husband drank it before I even had an opportunity to take a photo.

If they sound too sweet and gentle then the “Caliente” chilli chocolate may be the drink for you – definitely one for those that like their drinks strong, as the chocolate shot is really intense and the chilli kick warms you up on the way down!

We loved it all so much that we bought a bag of hot chocolate flakes to take home – there are so many flavours to choose from, but we decided to buy the pink salt and caramel along with a bag of Sophie’s handmade chocolate shards. Yum!

Pittenweem Chocolate Company chocolate powders

The Pittenweem Chocolate Company will be in the Community Hall on the festival’s Crail Market Day (Saturday 13th June) and at the Harbour Festival (Sunday 14th June), so remember to pop along and let us know your favourite flavour of hot chocolate via social media!

Sarah x

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