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January 25-27


April 9, 2018

Hi all, another update! It’s a week now since tickets went on sale and it’s incredible just how quickly they are selling!! If you want to go along to the Crail Creole Dinner on the Saturday evening, don’t wait too long to get your tickets…there might not be any left!!

Wednesday was an interesting day to say the least! Not only did I get to pop along to Blendworks in the Rusacks Hotel, St. Andrews, but I also got to taste and create my very own Gin!
Joining me were Bruce (Chair), David and Pat from the Food Festival Committee, Jayson from Mara Seaweed, Dugald from The Adamson, Nikki from Ardross Farm Shop, and we were led by the expert minds of Jasper Daly – Blendworks, and Scott Ferguson – Head Distiller, both from Eden Mill.

The space was fantastic, and such a warm welcoming place, filled with incredible ingredients, bottles, glassware…and of course Tea and Coffee for us before Jasper and Scott took us on our Gin Journey!

They had already made contact with Jayson and had painstakingly distilled two different varieties of Mara’s seaweed for us to taste and for us to choose (if we wished) for our very own gin!

Greens in Crail had kindly provided our committee with some herbs for us to potentially use as ingredients in our gin, as did Ardross Farm Shop! Spoiled for choice!

After being taught how to correctly taste and smell Gin, how to reset our palates (Smelling the back of your hand, who knew?!) and about what exactly makes up a gin, it was our time to start tasting some options!

After finally deciding, carefully measuring, mixing, naming, and bottling each of our own gins, we then had a blind taste test of all the gins everyone had created! The results of this, and our common preferences will go towards our final recipe for our CFF2018 Gin! I am extremely excited to see exactly what the outcome will be!

Watch this space for more information on the Gin in the coming weeks, and see just how you might be able to get involved in this incredible creation!

Take care!


March 5, 2018 2
Crail Food Festival Manager

Aadam Mohammed

Hello everyone, and welcome to my first blog!

I’m Aadam Mohammed, and this year is my first year as Festival Manager for Crail Food Festival!
(Thats my 5-year-old daughter Olivia in the picture with me…who is adamant she wants to come and work at the Festival this year!)

I have been involved with the festival for a few years now, but this year I have the unfortunate task of attempting to fill the shoes of the inimitable Graham (A daunting task!)

This year will be Crail Food Festival’s 8th year, with a new refreshed format, to ensure absolutely everyone will be able to make the most of their visit to Crail!

Due to it’s overwhelming popularity our Cookery theatre has relocated, allowing a much bigger capacity, the iconic Crail Harbour will be host to a seafood spectacular, and our all-new Beechwalk Park venue will be the scene of our producer’s market, bar, live music, street food and more!

I don’t want to give away too much just yet, but do keep an eye on our social media, and website as we reveal much more as we go along…in particular for when our tickets go on sale, and about our exciting Saturday evening event!

Watch this space, and I look forward to hearing from you all!


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