Stewart Macaulay, Head Chef at The Adamson in St. Andrews

Stewart Macaulay, Head Chef at The Adamson in St. Andrews

In the heart of St Andrews at 127 South Street, The Adamson is the perfect place to eat, drink and socialise. Throughout 2016, The Adamson is creating a set of seasonal menus as part of the restaurant’s dedication to using the freshest ingredients and commitment to sustainability in their suppliers. They are also working in collaboration with other leading restaurants in St Andrews to better support new talent entering the industry as well as to front the St Andrews Food & Drink Festival in November.

The Adamson are regulars at Crail Food Festival but this is Stewart’s first year, and we cannot wait to see what he cooks up for us.

Here is a little insight into Stewart as he answers Citylicious’ ‘Quick Fire Questions’.


Quick fire questions:

  1. Why a chef?

I have always had a passion for cooking. Love the buzz of the busy service and making people happy.

  1. Who was your mentor?

Ben Batterbury (Cameron House Hotel, Loch Lomond)

  1. Where have you worked? Your journey to date…

Cameron House (Lomond Restaurant)

Old course hotel (Road hole grill)

Rocca (Russacks hotel)

  1. Food hero?

Marco Pierre White

  1. Food Heaven?

John Dory

  1. Food Hell?

Any dish with raw ginger

  1. Favourite Restaurant? (Not your own)

The Peat Inn

  1. What’s your style?

Simple, clean flavors, let the food do the talking

  1. Busman’s Holiday? (where would you like to go on a working holiday?)

El Bulli Restaurant

  1. Gravestone? (What will it say on your Gravestone?)

Always a pleasure, never a chore

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