Opportunities for Crail Food Festival Producers and Participants 2013

January 25, 2013

Yesterday, we launched our search for a group of enthusiastic food bloggers and writers who would be willing to contribute an article to the Crail Food Festival website.  The response has been fabulous, and we’re delighted to have secured our eager team so quickly.  If you missed out and want to be involved, get in touch soon! (Comment on the blog post or email our Social Media Manager: susan [at] 2crail.com).

Now that we have a team of writers lined up, we need to pair them up with the people who will be producing and selling their wares at the Crail Food Festival 2013.  We’d like to have a mix of articles – recipes, features, tastings, interviews.  Our bloggers and writers are ready for a challenge!

We’re still finalising details of all of our participants for this year, and if you do want to be part of our community food festival where we aim to showcase the abundant Fife larder, then please make sure you sign up by emailing our Festival Manager Graham Anderson: info [at] www.crailfoodfest.co.uk as soon as possible to secure your place.

Daily bread
Bread baked by Murray Barnett, artisan baker

What is the blogging project and how can I be featured?

A blog is an on-line way of publishing articles and information.  Writers are usually enthusiasts in their field and want to share their discoveries and views with others of similar interests.  They want to be read, and will often share their articles using other social media means such as a Facebook page or Twitter account where they entice readers to visit their article and read on.  At the time of writing, the team of 12 bloggers plus our own @CrailFoodFest Twitter accounts have over 13,000 followers, so any articles which we promote have the potential for a wide reach through social media, gaining valuable and inexpensive exposure for your business.

Some of the ideas for features might be:

  • developing a new recipe
  • trying out an old recipe using your ingredients
  • tasting your produce and reviewing it in comparison with others
  • interviewing you about your business and your products
  • discussing the variety of food and drink on offer in Fife
  • teaching one of the bloggers how to make your product

Articles will be published here on the Crail Food Festival website, with links to your website, and other business details. Photographs will be used – either taken by the blogging team, or supplied by you.  You are welcome to share any articles which we write, by posting links to them on your own website, Facebook page for your business or Twitter account.  The more we share, the more people will find out about the tastes, quality and enthusiasm for good food and drink in Fife.

Ok, I want to be involved, what’s next?

We need to put your business in contact with our team of bloggers and match you up with the right person to work with you.  In the first instance, either email susan [at] 2crail.com to say that you want your business to be a part of the project, or comment on this post.  If you are willing to supply samples of your goods to our bloggers, then that would be a wonderful way of supporting our project and a fitting reward for their efforts in writing about your business.  If you want us to buy your products for distribution to the bloggers, then we have a (small) budget for this, so please make this clear when you get in touch.  Some of the bloggers live locally in Fife, others are further afield in Edinburgh and Perthshire, so we also need to work out how to get products to the relevant folks.

I look forward to hearing from you by 15 February 2013 to ensure that we meet our publishing schedule.

Susan McNaughton
Social Media Manager for Crail Food Festival