Crail Food Festival Articles – Your opportunity to feature

Crail Food Festival is a community festival which promotes local businesses and encourages visitors to the area to taste and enjoy local food and drink.  To this end, we have re-designed our website for this year to feature every producer or trader who participates in our festival, as well as local businesses in the area.

There is now an opportunity for your business to be selected as one of the 16 featured articles which our 2015 Blog Team will write about.  All you need to do is drop an email to susan [at] 2crail [dot] com stating why you’d like to be featured and we’ll put our chosen author in touch with you to write a feature article. Deadline for choosing our featured articles is 28 February 2015.  There is no cost to you for this feature, just a request that you ensure that you have paid the pitch fees to participate in one or more of our Crail Food Festival events, or that you are a local business based in the village.

We are celebrating our producers, traders and participants in the following ways:


The home page of our website has a section which features three of our producers/participants on a rotation basis, with a link through to the main participants page.

Each participant has a featured image, underneath which are two live links – one to their page on the Crail Food Festival website, and the other a link to the participant’s own website.  In addition, hovering over the circular image reveals links to further information about the participant – links to their page on the Crail Food Festival site, their Facebook page, their Twitter profile, Instagram and other profiles. Take a look at the sample page for Summerhouse Drinks:

The individual participant page is an opportunity for each participant to show visitors more about their business.  We are placing a small narrative there for each participant, but each participant has the oppportunity to supply a short article for us to publish there telling a story about their business and their participation in the Crail Food Festival.  This is a new feature for this year, and one which will be a powerful way to tell the story about the Festival as well as acting as reference for visitors to find out more before and after the event.

Featured Articles

We have a team of 17 bloggers who will write featured articles about subjects of interest to people likely to attend our food festival.  If you’re on Twitter, make sure you’re following them.

Danielle Ellis @edinburghfoody
Hazel Cameron @thegrumblingtum
Tom Cannavan @winepages
Elissa Joy Watts @elissajoywatts
Vohn McGuinness @vohnsvittles
Phil Cook @PhilsFoodWorld
Lea Harris @BakersBunny
Karen Elwis @squaresparrow
Wendy Patterson @insideoutchef
Derek Swan @hungry_swan
Susan McNaughton @2crail
Sarah Muir @postcardfife
Chiara Panozzo @wine_and_olives
Victoria Bushnell @standrewslarder
Sarah Scott @rosecottagefife
Caroline Rye @the_elfherself
Nicola Holland @funkyellas

Our team has a wide range of interests and followers to their on-line presence, which added to that of Crail Food Festival, gives a wide-reaching potential audience to articles published on our site.  If you look just at Twitter, our reach is over 40,000 followers from our bloggers and our @CrailFoodFest account, and our bloggers also have pages on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Google+.

Social Media

Crail Food Festival has established a following on a variety of social media platforms, each of which will be used in different ways to encourage interest in the event, and provide a reference point for visitors to find out more about all that goes into creating a community food festival.

Mailing list: over 600 subscribers with a plan to send 3 mailshots before the 2015 Crail Food Festival.

How you can help

  • Pay your fees promptly to be included in Crail Food Festival 2015
  • Let susan [at] 2crail [dot] com know by 28 February if you’d like to feature in an article about Crail Food Festival
  • Talk about/ help advertise your participation in Crail Food Festival at events you’re going to (ask for some leaflets for your stall)
  • Use our social media guide to find more ways to share the story of your business and your participation in events