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March 17, 2018

We’ve had plenty to celebrate this week with the national results of the Scottish Thistle Awards and The Courier’s inaugural Menu Food & Drink Awards, which is dedicated to the excellence of the culinary delights in Tayside and Fife. Something which we’re particularly proud of!

Reading the Menu’s award shortlist makes you appreciate the calibre of producers we attract to the festival with a large number of nominees having made an appearance at the harbour at some point throughout the years. Scotland food and drink is a vivacious and thriving industry and we couldn’t be prouder to represent our little corner of it here on the East Coast.

Here are some of the award winners that hopefully you can look forward to in June!

Street Vendor of the Year

The Cheesy Toast Shack

Farm to Fork Award

Ardross Farm Shop
Mixologist / Sommelier of the Year

Julie Adamson, The Adamson


Highly Commended

Wild and Smoky

Summer Harvest

The Little Herb Farm

As well as the triumphs of festival exhibitors and participants, we’re delighted to be celebrating a win of our own as well.

The Crail Food Festival was given a Special Commendation in the Working Together for Tourism category at the Scottish Thistle Awards; and fingers and toes are firmly crossed for the Scottish Rural Awards on Thursday 22nd March!

The festival wouldn’t be what it is without the exceptional quality of the producers we showcase every year, and we can’t wait to welcome them and you to Crail again in June 2018!


June 1, 2017 1
Saturday 10th June 7:30pm

Foot Stompin’ Supper

Join us for an evening of music, food, drink and frivolity in the Crail Community Hall on Saturday 10th June at 7:30pm at our Foot Stompin’ Supper.

After some wine on arrival, the evening begins with a meal; a hearty bowl of soup accompanied by artisan bread from Barnett’s Bakery. We follow that up with a chilli pot from the local Crail butchers, and pulled pork served with salad, slaw and wee potatoes. All finished with ice cream from award-winning Jannettas Gelateria.

Dinner is worked off on the dancefloor, with music from local rhythm and blues band The Taysliders. Other entertainment includes a Tasting Quiz with fabulous foodie prizes to be won.

Tickets cost £20 for the evening and include your meal. So book your place at the table for the Crail Food Festival Foot Stompin’ Supper.


May 23, 2016

Q&A with Christopher Trotter, Fife Food Ambassador

Christopher Trotter is a professional chef and food writer and who has over the years run businesses from hotels and restaurant to Scotland’s Larder a unique food destination celebrating Scottish food with a shop restaurant and education element. Christopher has developed a unique team building strategy using food and cooking to get the best out of business groups. There are several levels of access to this concept and one is working with Stephen Spencer on a collaboration called Ingredients for Success.

Christopher will be in the Chef’s Demo Theatre cooking with Lamb from Ardross Farm! We caught up with him to find out a little more about his journey to date. Christopher Trotter answers the Citylicious’ Quick Fire Questions.


Why a chef?

Love of food and cooking

Who was your mentor?

Jacques Eza maitre – Chef des Cuisines at the Savoy hotel London

Your journey?

The Savoy London

The Connaught London

Switzerland – Restaurant “Anthon” Alsace France

Mallory Court Warwickshire – Head Chef (Michelin Star)

Portsonachan Hotel – Chef/Manager

Where I discovered that Scottish food in season is the best

Scotland’s larder owner

Food hero?

Too many to mention but here goes

Jeff Reade Isle of Mull Cheese

Barry Graham Locharthur Creamery

Bruce Bennett Pillars of Hercules Falkland

Keith Floyd

Food Heaven?

Living and working in Scotland

Food Hell?

Not Living and working in Scotland

Favourite Restaurant?

The Peat Inn

What’s your style?

Fresh seasonal local

Busman’s Holiday?

Italy – in the veg tomato and olive season


He reminded the Scots that they have the best produce in the world (even if they didn’t eat it)

Christopher Trotter, Fife Food Ambassador: Crail Food Festival:


May 23, 2016

Goat’s Cheese Mousse, Truffled Curd and Beetroot Cannelloni, Avocado Puree, Heirloom Beetroot & Hazelnut Salad

by Adam Newth of The Tayberry Restaurant


Mousse in Crisp Filo Tube

50 g milk 115g cream 90g goats cheese 1 leaf gelatine (soaked) 140g natural yogurt 4 sheets of filo de brick (trimmed into squares) Melted butter for greasing Blend milk, cream, goats cheese in thermo mix on full speed at 60ºc. Add gelatine and yogurt. Pour mix into espuma gun and leave to cool in ice water. Charge mousse with 3 charges just before serving. For the crisp filo tube, grease 4 copper pipes and the filo squares with butter. Wrap the filo around the pipes and bake at 180ºc for 10 mins until filo is crisp. Remove from the oven and leave to cool until attempting to slide the pastry off the pipe. When ready to serve, pipe the mousse into the cylinder.

Truffled Goat’s Curd and Beetroot Cannelloni

120g natural goats curd 1tbs truffata paste 1 pkt of cooked beets

Pickling liquid

Firstly tip curd into a bowl, gently fold in truffata paste, season well and put in piping bag. Slice beets finely on a mandolin, cut discs using pastry cutter and soak in pickling liquid for 10 mins. Remove from pickle and lay out beets overlapping on a j-cloth to form a square. Pipe goats curd onto beets and roll into cannelloni shape.

Avocado Puree

6 ripe avocados Juice of 3 lemons 150ml Water (to adjust consistency) Peel and stone the avocados then blitz in thermo on full power until smooth. Season and adjust consistency.

Heirloom beetroot and hazelnut salad

2 golden beetroots 2 candy beetroots 10-15 roasted, peeled, halfed hazelnuts Selection of herbs, salad leaves and cress 2tbs hazelnut oil Slice and dice beetroots as required for presentation. Season on a plate, cover with clingfilm and microwave for 4 mins. Leave to cool. Once beetroots are cool, dress the rest of ingredients for salad with the hazelnut oil and season. The Tayberry Restaurant website: