Crail Food Festival
Taking place in the coastal village of Crail, the Food Festival is a highlight of the summer festival calendar. Usually held over a June weekend, the festival programmes a variety of food and drink based events and opportunities for producers and public alike. With local producers and opportunities to sample, talk to and learn from the different producers.


As we hit our TEN YEAR anniversary last year in 2020, we had aimed to present a sustainable Festival, promoting things like recycling and eco friendly packaging and ensuring locally sourced produce. We were incredibly disappointed, as were all our traders and producers that we had to cancel this event due to COVID 19.


The Crail Food Festival will be moving online virtually this year!

Aaaaaaannnd….. if we are lucky………we may be able to hold a live festival at some point this year, if restrictions ease enough to allow us to do so.


Our virtual online festival will bring the 2021 festival to you, in your own home. You will be able to “wander” around our traders and producers and purchase their products from the comfort of your own sofa, or bed, or standing in your kitchen doing a boogie while you’re cooking!


We are busy gathering our traders and producers ready for this new experience for our event.





Meet the Committee



Annie Marrs – Event Manager

Wendy Guest – Chairperson
Catriona Mann

Sheila Smith

Great Brink

Laura Strong

Harry Donaghy

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