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MEET THE CHEFS – Q&A with Christopher Trotter, Fife Food Ambassador

Q&A with Christopher Trotter, Fife Food Ambassador

Christopher Trotter is a professional chef and food writer and who has over the years run businesses from hotels and restaurant to Scotland’s Larder a unique food destination celebrating Scottish food with a shop restaurant and education element.

Christopher has developed a unique team building strategy using food and cooking to get the best out of business groups. There are several levels of access to this concept and one is working with Stephen Spencer on a collaboration called Ingredients for Success.

Christopher will be in the Chef’s Demo Theatre cooking with Lamb from Ardross Farm! We caught up with him to find out a little more about his journey to date. Christopher Trotter answers the Citylicious’ Quick Fire Questions.


Why a chef?

Love of food and cooking

Who was your mentor?

Jacques Eza maitre – Chef des Cuisines at the Savoy hotel London

Your journey?

The Savoy London

The Connaught London

Switzerland – Restaurant “Anthon” Alsace France

Mallory Court Warwickshire – Head Chef (Michelin Star)

Portsonachan Hotel – Chef/Manager

Where I discovered that Scottish food in season is the best

Scotland’s larder owner

Food hero?

Too many to mention but here goes

Jeff Reade Isle of Mull Cheese

Barry Graham Locharthur Creamery

Bruce Bennett Pillars of Hercules Falkland

Keith Floyd

Food Heaven?

Living and working in Scotland

Food Hell?

Not Living and working in Scotland

Favourite Restaurant?

The Peat Inn

What’s your style?

Fresh seasonal local

Busman’s Holiday?

Italy – in the veg tomato and olive season


He reminded the Scots that they have the best produce in the world (even if they didn’t eat it)

Christopher Trotter, Fife Food Ambassador:

Crail Food Festival:

Goat’s Cheese Mousse recipe by Adam Newth of The Tayberry Restaurant

Goat’s Cheese Mousse, Truffled Curd and Beetroot Cannelloni, Avocado Puree, Heirloom Beetroot & Hazelnut Salad

by Adam Newth of The Tayberry Restaurant


Mousse in Crisp Filo Tube

50 g milk

115g cream

90g goats cheese

1 leaf gelatine (soaked)

140g natural yogurt

4 sheets of filo de brick (trimmed into squares)

Melted butter for greasing

Blend milk, cream, goats cheese in thermo mix on full speed at 60ºc.

Add gelatine and yogurt.

Pour mix into espuma gun and leave to cool in ice water.

Charge mousse with 3 charges just before serving.

For the crisp filo tube, grease 4 copper pipes and the filo squares with butter.

Wrap the filo around the pipes and bake at 180ºc for 10 mins until filo is crisp.

Remove from the oven and leave to cool until attempting to slide the pastry off the pipe.

When ready to serve, pipe the mousse into the cylinder.

Truffled Goat’s Curd and Beetroot Cannelloni

120g natural goats curd

1tbs truffata paste

1 pkt of cooked beets

Pickling liquid

Firstly tip curd into a bowl, gently fold in truffata paste, season well and put in piping bag.

Slice beets finely on a mandolin, cut discs using pastry cutter and soak in pickling liquid for 10 mins.

Remove from pickle and lay out beets overlapping on a j-cloth to form a square.

Pipe goats curd onto beets and roll into cannelloni shape.

Avocado Puree

6 ripe avocados

Juice of 3 lemons

150ml Water (to adjust consistency)

Peel and stone the avocados then blitz in thermo on full power until smooth.

Season and adjust consistency.

Heirloom beetroot and hazelnut salad

2 golden beetroots

2 candy beetroots

10-15 roasted, peeled, halfed hazelnuts

Selection of herbs, salad leaves and cress

2tbs hazelnut oil

Slice and dice beetroots as required for presentation.

Season on a plate, cover with clingfilm and microwave for 4 mins.

Leave to cool.

Once beetroots are cool, dress the rest of ingredients for salad with the hazelnut oil and season.

The Tayberry Restaurant website:


MEET THE CHEFS – Q&A with Adam Newth from The Tayberry Restaurant in Broughty Ferry

Q&A with Adam Newth from The Tayberry Restaurant in Broughty Ferry

Inspired by his love of food and his desire to raise Tayside’s profile on the culinary map, Chef Proprietor, Adam Newth opened The Tayberry Restaurant in November 2015. Situated in a beautiful coastal setting, overlooking the Mouth O’ The Tay in Broughty Ferry, Dundee. The Tayberry Restaurant offers a contemporary dining experience, using a combination of modern and classic techniques to showcase the best of Scotland’s natural larder.

“Team Tayberry” is at the heart of all that The Tayberry Restaurant strives to achieve. Led and nurtured by Chef Proprietor, Adam Newth, his fresh and dynamic team reflect his dedicated work ethic and ambition to take The Tayberry from strength to strength. Adam is passionate about discovering new talent and developing it for the future and is always keen to hear from aspiring Chefs and Front of House staff with an interest in a career in hospitality.

Adam has won accolades such as Scottish Young Chef of the Year, Scottish Seafood Chef of the Year and is nominated in the Young Chef of the Year category at the CIS Excellence Awards 2016.

Adam is a Crail Festival newbie! So we caught up with him to find out more about this talented young chef. Adam Newth answers the Citylicious’ Quick Fire Questions


Why a chef?

Quite simply it’s the best career in the world! There are no restrictions, you get out what you put in! Endless opportunities to travel the world, it’s artistic, challenging and you get to eat as a job!

Who was your mentor?

I’m very lucky to have two. Garry Watson of Gordons Restaurant in Inverkeilor and Paul Whitecross of Trump Aberdeen. They have both been there for me from the start and are still there for any info and guidance, I regard them as very close friends.

Your journey?

My first Commis Chef job was at Circus Wine Bar & Grill in Edinbrugh aged 15.

Then to St. Andrews Seafood Restaurant

Number One at The Balmoral Hotel

Martin Wishart at Cameron House

Angels With Bagpipes in Edinburgh

I opened Castlehill in Dundee where I gained 2 AA Rosettes

Food hero?

Rick Stein I used to watch his TV programs as a young boy before I was a chef. I love his simple approach, he has such love and enthusiasm. He’s also fun to watch!

Food Heaven?

Really good fish and chips. Lashings of home-made tartar sauce and mushy peas. Definitely my last supper! I’m also a big truffle fan!

Food Hell?

Tinned tuna… Yuk!

Favourite Restaurant?

Hard one, as I eat out frequently! I believe it’s part of the job. So… I’ll give my top three. The Kitchin in Edinburgh, Crab Shack in Glasgow, and Jules Verne in Paris

What’s your style?

I like to keep food natural and simple not really interested in crazy food chemicals and adding powders. For me it all focuses round good quality products served with flare but giving the fullest respect to the produce. And No Waste! I hate seeing great food being tossed out due to chefs being careless and uncreative.

Busman’s Holiday?

South of France probably Lyon. Although I’d love to go and work in a really good sushi restaurant in Japan.


“I’m fine” – No matter how hard things get, I’m always Mr. Positive. Either that or “Put Some Truffle On It” – Love it! Who doesn’t?

The Tayberry Restaurant Website:

Crail Food Festival Website:

Stewart Macaulay, Head Chef at The Adamson in St. Andrews

Stewart Macaulay, Head Chef at The Adamson in St. Andrews

In the heart of St Andrews at 127 South Street, The Adamson is the perfect place to eat, drink and socialise. Throughout 2016, The Adamson is creating a set of seasonal menus as part of the restaurant’s dedication to using the freshest ingredients and commitment to sustainability in their suppliers. They are also working in collaboration with other leading restaurants in St Andrews to better support new talent entering the industry as well as to front the St Andrews Food & Drink Festival in November.

The Adamson are regulars at Crail Food Festival but this is Stewart’s first year, and we cannot wait to see what he cooks up for us.

Here is a little insight into Stewart as he answers Citylicious’ ‘Quick Fire Questions’.


Quick fire questions:

  1. Why a chef?

I have always had a passion for cooking. Love the buzz of the busy service and making people happy.

  1. Who was your mentor?

Ben Batterbury (Cameron House Hotel, Loch Lomond)

  1. Where have you worked? Your journey to date…

Cameron House (Lomond Restaurant)

Old course hotel (Road hole grill)

Rocca (Russacks hotel)

  1. Food hero?

Marco Pierre White

  1. Food Heaven?

John Dory

  1. Food Hell?

Any dish with raw ginger

  1. Favourite Restaurant? (Not your own)

The Peat Inn

  1. What’s your style?

Simple, clean flavors, let the food do the talking

  1. Busman’s Holiday? (where would you like to go on a working holiday?)

El Bulli Restaurant

  1. Gravestone? (What will it say on your Gravestone?)

Always a pleasure, never a chore

The Adamson website –

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