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June 6, 2013

It’s quite an odd thing to be asked to watch two people meet for the first time and then write about it. That’s exactly what happened the other day when our festival manager travelled down to Edinburgh to meet an acclaimed chef from Edinburgh’s dining scene and talk about cooking with foraged leaves as part of the 3rd Annual Crail Food Festival.

Crail Food Festival
Graham Anderson and Paul Wedgwood

Paul Wedgwood is Co-Owner and Head Chef of Wedgwood The Restaurant and Graham Anderson runs a guest house and Café in Crail. They have three things in common, food, passion and enthusiasm. Paul was talking about his recent trip to Barbados as part of The Celtic Festival while Graham did say that it might feel a bit different in Crail.

finding food by the sea
Sea Rocket – Foraging at Crail Food Festival

“That’s where I found my first sea rocket!”, exclaimed Paul, who has been foraging since he was a young lad in the Boy Scouts. When that discussion turned to what sort of things could be found on the forthcoming foraging walks at Crail Food Festival the list was endless. Something with an intense peppery flavour could be expected, an explosion for the taste buds and far more exciting than commercially grown products often found in our summer salads.

That was the moment when Paul and Graham talked about their vision for cooking and holding a food event at a harbour. Graham’s vision when starting the Crail Food Festival came from the inspiration of seeing an event run at a harbour many years ago. Both turned rather dreamy when starting to think of the possibilities of the wild larder around our coast – sea rocket? Yes that was the catalyst.

Crail Food Festival are pleased to confirm the  Foraging Walk event with Mark Williams from Galloway Wild Foods, which is being organised by Fife Diet on our Harbour Sunday.  If you would like to go on the walk, email: for one of the remaining places, stating whether you would prefer the morning or afternoon walk (morning walk at 11:30 am has most places at time of posting).  Paul will accompany Mark on the first walk, and on return to Crail Harbour, will be demonstrating how to use some of the ingredients which are found, as well as being on hand to answer questions about foraging and wild food.

Fancy a sea aster Panna cotta? Join us at Crail Harbour Sunday 16th June from 11.00am.

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Video: Graham Anderson talks about his inspiration to start Crail Food Festival