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January 25-27

May 25, 2012

We mentioned in a previous post that we were excited about a new collaboration being planned for Crail Food Festival by the local Crail Gallery and the wonderful Colinsburgh-based Sucre Coeur ‘eats and ink’. ¬†We’re delighted to be able to show you some of the first photographs of what this collaboration is producing.

Don’t Susie and Karen look delighted with their endeavours!

Crail Gallery and Sucre Coeur Collaboration
The new Crail Lighthouse!

And the cookies look scrummy…

Cookies by Sacre Coeur
Cookies by Sacre Coeur

What a lovely souvenir of a visit to Crail

Souvenir from Crail
Potted Lobsters!

May 20, 2012

Following on with our community theme, the wonderful volunteers from our local Crail Museum have joined in the foodie excitement once more this year.


Inspired by books like this one, Be-Ro Home Recipes, the Museum is planning a special exhibition about Food from the 1950s.

Do you have a book like this one? Are you still using it? If you do, send us a picture of any of the scones, cakes, pastries or puddings you have made. In fact, if you’re a food blogger, would you let us know if you’ve written about using the book?

I’m wondering if the offer below still stands, as my copy’s looking a bit tatty!


May 15, 2012

If you’ve seen our posters and leaflets, you’ll already be familiar with the eye-catching designs and colours of Susie Lacome’s work. She and David Sim run the Crail Gallery right in the centre of Crail’s High Street.


On a recent visit to the Gallery, we spied some more of Susie’s lovely designs, perfect for the foodies amongst you to remind you of your visit here.


We’re also excited about a new collaboration currently being planned between the Crail Gallery and one of our local food businesses – come along to the Festival to find out more!